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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



This is Ainsley's new laugh. We were looking at pictures of her cousins' Penelope (Mimi) and Phoebe (Beebees) and for some reason every time I would say their names she would laugh. I think it's hilarious. Enjoy!



Ainsley put her slippers on then went and got ours for us to put on. Hence, the slipper picture. :)

Big Girl Bed

Ainsley waving bye bye to her crib
Of course helping to change her bed from a crib to a toddler bed

The finished product


Mum and Babe

Just a couple mommy pictures. At the park and at the aquarium with the big clown fish.


Random Pictures

Here's just a few random pictures from the last couple weeks. As I've said before, Ainsley loves to wear our shoes around the apartment. I caught her walking around in my heels the other day, so cute! Another thing she loves is the computer. The computer was on the coffee table one day and I left for a few minutes to do something in another room. When I came back I found Ainsley on the couch with the computer on her lap. She's so smart! Last week there was a pretty rainbow so I took a picture of it from our balcony. A couple nights ago we went to visit Becca and Tony now that they've brought baby Antonio home. Ainsley just loves him! She was so distracted by the baby being there that she would hardly eat her dinner. We all got a kick out of how sweet she was with Antonio. Also, today Ainsley and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. The pictures are of Ainsley hugging the seahorses and looking at the jellyfish. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. On another note, Ainsley went pee pee today on her training potty!! We haven't really started seriously potty training her yet but she really wanted to sit on the potty today. We were in the bathroom for a long time and she finally starting peeing. You should have seen the look of surprise on her cute little face. I cheered and clapped then daddy came in and did the same and there were high fives all around. It was pretty cool. My baby's getting so big!

Mother's Day Weekend in Asheville, NC

I love ice cream!
The Grove Park Inn where lots of famous people, i.e.: presidents, actors, musicians, etc. have stayed over the years.

A small portion of the "wall of fame" at the Grove Park Inn. Is that Andy Odle?

The Biltmore House. It's America's largest home so this picture doesn't even do it justice. It's pretty amazing, on 125,000 acres, has a winery, a farm and from the entrance of the estate to the house itself is 5 miles!

In the garden.

Washing her hands in the fountain.

Ainsley helping me hold baby Antonio, only 12 hours old, at the hospital. We stopped by to visit on our way out of town last weekend.

Becca and Antonio.

Fun Times

Last Thursday Ainsley and I went to run a couple errands and at our first stop we made some new friends. Yay!! This is how it went...... When we pulled up to the shop we saw a little boy playing with his Grandpa and a woman sitting at a table nearby. Ainsley got excited when she saw the boy (Eli) and I asked how old he was. It turns out his birthday is only 5 days after Ainsley's and he'll be 2 as well. Then the woman, who is Eli's aunt (Katherine), said she recognized me from the day before when she came to Starbucks. Ainsley was having so much fun playing with Eli and his Grandpa that she stayed outside and played while I went into the shop to take care of what we had gone for. Eli and his mom and dad (Liz and Joey) live in Italy 9 months out of the year but will be buying a house here in Atlanta for the summer months so we'll get to hang out with them once they're back for good. Katherine nannies for a 3 year old girl named Chloe so we'll also get to hang out with them. In fact, later that day we actually met Katherine, Chloe, Liz and Eli at the park to play and had a great time. I am excited for Ainsley to have some playmates but I'm equally as excited to have a couple new friends myself.