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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Mommy Daughter Day

A couple weeks ago Ainsley and I went for a morning at the zoo. Because Ainsley likes to ride the "up and down" and play on the playground and I have not been getting around the best these days we spent all of our time in these two places (although we did manage to make it over to pet the goats too). We have an annual membership there so I didn't feel bad that we saw very few live animals since we are able to go as often as we'd like. We rode the "up and down" 3 times (yes, I managed to hoist myself up on one of those animals...don't ask me how!) and had lots of fun. I love my big girl!


Blogger Amie Vaughan said...

sounds like a great day! sometimes the 'up and down' is way better than the animals. ;)

6:08 AM  

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