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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


D Day- April 25th

Well, my due date came and went. This is seeming all too familiar as Ainsley was 7 days late. I got checked yesterday and am only 1cm dilated. Going back tomorrow to be checked again and we'll take it from there. These pictures were taken on my due date. Ainsley is so sweet, always wanting to kiss my belly and asking when baby sister will be here. Tonight was the first time she actually said to me, "I don't want a baby sister". It broke my heart. I don't know if she is just finally realizing that she won't be the only one anymore or if she realized for the first time that I'm going to have to be away from her for a couple days at the hospital or what the deal is. But, I hope it passes because soon she will have no choice but to have a baby sister! Wish us luck. :)

Mommy Daughter Day

A couple weeks ago Ainsley and I went for a morning at the zoo. Because Ainsley likes to ride the "up and down" and play on the playground and I have not been getting around the best these days we spent all of our time in these two places (although we did manage to make it over to pet the goats too). We have an annual membership there so I didn't feel bad that we saw very few live animals since we are able to go as often as we'd like. We rode the "up and down" 3 times (yes, I managed to hoist myself up on one of those animals...don't ask me how!) and had lots of fun. I love my big girl!


Happy Easter

Ainsley found her first Easter basket and had her first Easter egg hunt this year. It was very fun to watch. We had a great day.

Monkey George Live!

We have been trying to do a few fun, memorable things with Ainsley recently before her baby sister arrives. She LOVES Curious George (Monkey George she calls him) so when we saw that Monkey George was going to be in Atlanta live at the Fox Theatre we decided to get tickets to the show. She was so excited. We got a little dressed up for the Friday morning show and walked to the theatre (it's only a few blocks away). Ainsley had a great time. She was talking to Monkey George throughout the show at one point yelling, "Monkey George...see my shoes?!" She then turned to me and said with a big smile on her face, nodding her head, "Mommy, Monkey George likes my shoes." It was very cute. She also wanted to try the "big lollipop on the man's tray" that she saw for sale. That actually turned out to be blue cotton candy so we got it and she decided that she liked it until it got her fingers sticky and dirty. Then she didn't want anymore and she still talks about how she doesn't like it. Of course that's fine with us since it's PURE sugar! We'd rather her not like it but we think it's funny how she doesn't like it because it makes her sticky and dirty. Not a normal reaction for a 2 year old (I don't think). I'm happy she loves her fruits and veggies though!!

Baby Bump

This picture was taken 3 weeks ago (the dress I'm wearing was bought when I was 4 months pregnant with Ainsley). As you can imagine, with only 3 days until baby girl's due date I'm MUCH bigger now. I'm feeling very ready to have this baby. I think Andy is probably ready for me to stop moaning and groaning every time I move as well. I know Ainsley is ready to be a big sister. The first thing she said to me this morning when she woke me up was, "mommy, did baby sister come out yet?" She'll be great! We'll keep you posted.

Our Big Girl in Pictures

Happy Durpy Dada!



The first week of March we took a last minute trip up to Indiana to visit Andy's grandparents, his grandma in particular who is not doing very well. Although it was filled with trips to the nursing home and hospital we still had time for visits with friends and family, a couple trips to Gene's Rootbeer stand and even a baby shower! It was an emotional but great time.

Gaga and Papa's Visit

My parents were finally able to come visit in the middle of February. It was great to have them here. Ainsley of course loved it and wore them (especially Papa) out every day. You can see from the pictures that we did a lot of playing!