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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Baby Ainsley

Ainsley Elizabeth Odle
Born: 11:06am (Scotland time) on July 23, 2007
7lbs. 3 1/4 oz.
19 1/2 inches


Still waiting

I'm not getting out much these last days because if I walk too much I just get really sore. When the weather cooperates though, I do try to get out of the flat at least for a little while. Although I can find plenty of things to keep me busy at home it's still fun to get out for some fresh air! Last week Andy and I went for a walk down to the beach to get some ice cream. We documented that with a photo (shown above). We bought our stroller last week. It's sitting in the entry way just waiting for a baby to jump in it. I packed our hospital bag and have a phone list ready of who to call to take us to the hospital and who to call after the birth. We had a midwife appointment last week and everything is fine. Our next appointment scheduled is July 19th, after the due date...weird. That means it's almost time! I've started going back and forth between sleeping on the couch and sleeping in our bed. Depending on the night sometimes the couch is more comfortable. The last few afternoons I've managed to get a much needed nap in. Yesterday I organized my recipe box. This morning I went out and got my hair cut (notice the picture below) and stopped by work to say hi. Just a little while ago I cleaned all the shelves and drawers in our refrigerator. Can you say nesting? Tomorrow we're going to Costco with a couple friends to shop and eat a slice of pizza. Mmmmm... So, that's my life right now in case you were interested in the details of what I've been doing with my time. Andy still continues to work hard writing every day. He is well into the 5th chapter of his dissertation now which is a great accomplishment! I know everything I wrote doesn't sound too exciting but it helps pass the days while we wait. :) The picture of me to the right was just taken today. Can you notice that my stomach has dropped? It's great, I can breathe a bit easier now!