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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Baby Shower

Jana and Ron are expecting baby girl Scarlett to join us any time now so we went to their baby shower last weekend. Ainsley and Jasper are best of buddies and they play so well together. It was a beautiful day so they had fun playing outside in the yard most of the time we were there. They ate "happy cake" at the table, slid down the slide, played in the water and pushed around the little mower on the grass.

The Atlanta Zoo

Ainsley and I had a day at the zoo and it was so much fun! We rode on the train (or "choo choo Thomas" as Ainsley calls it) and the carousel (or "up and down"). We saw monkeys, giraffes, zebras, elephants and pet the goats. What a great day.


Good News

(more to come)

The Beautiful Bride

One of my good friends from high school, Tama Leach, got married on October 24th in Destin, Florida. We happened to be in Panama City Beach (which is only a 40 minute drive) at that same time so we were able to make it there for her special day. It was so great to see her, her parents and a few other people I hadn't seen since we graduated (12 years ago!). It was my own little mini reunion, seeing that I missed the actual high school reunion a couple years ago. The setting was gorgeous, right on the beach and of course Tama looked beautiful. Congratulations Mrs. Curlee! :)


Florida 2009

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The weekend after my 30th birthday (that's right, I'm a real adult now!) we drove up to Indiana. Andy did a radio interview for Church on the Street and it also just happened to be Anderson University's homecoming so that was great. Andy got to see some
people he hadn't seen in years and
we got to hang out with some friends.
Although a very quick weekend it was
a good one.