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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


D Day- April 25th

Well, my due date came and went. This is seeming all too familiar as Ainsley was 7 days late. I got checked yesterday and am only 1cm dilated. Going back tomorrow to be checked again and we'll take it from there. These pictures were taken on my due date. Ainsley is so sweet, always wanting to kiss my belly and asking when baby sister will be here. Tonight was the first time she actually said to me, "I don't want a baby sister". It broke my heart. I don't know if she is just finally realizing that she won't be the only one anymore or if she realized for the first time that I'm going to have to be away from her for a couple days at the hospital or what the deal is. But, I hope it passes because soon she will have no choice but to have a baby sister! Wish us luck. :)


Blogger Amie Vaughan said...

i totally hear ya, ainsley. being a big sister isn't all fun and games... but sometimes it is. ;)

amy, i'm praying you won't have to wait so long! and i'm praying for ainsley, too. it's hard to be a big sister, and that's coming from my own experience. =)

andy, i'm praying for you, too. you'll be badly outnumbered now! ;)

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