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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


If you could see me now...

The last few weeks have gone by quickly since I last wrote on here. Since then we've gone to the driving range to hit some golf balls, had some Scottish friends over for a homecooked all-American meal, purchased some good condition secondhand items to gear us up for this baby and eaten a few ice cream cones down at the beach. I've been working every day (no longer on the weekends though) and my bump is getting bigger and bigger. I feel the baby move every day. Even though I can feel it throughout the day, usually it's real active between 8 and 10pm. My stomach starts protruding and we get quite a show. It's so much fun to watch and weird to feel. Only 12 weeks to go. If I keep growing at this rate I will be huge by the end! People who come into work make comments like, "Oh wow, you still have that long to go? I would have guessed sooner" or "When are you going on maternity leave? You must be working right up until the end" or " You're going to need a bigger apron soon". So that tells you that I'm looking rather large already. At least I'm gaining it right in front and not all over. Over here people tell me I look "neat" or I have a "neat bump". That just means that I don't look really fat everywhere, it's all in front. I take it as a compliment. I was a bit tired of my green shirt for pictures so I changed it up a little bit for this picture but next week I'll bring the green back. Until the shirt no longer fits I will keep wearing it!

We had fun going to the driving range but we were both a bit rusty (me more than Andy). We brought our golf clubs over when we moved here but hadn't touched them until a couple weeks ago. That's tells you how long it's been since we've been on a course (over a year and a half!). After a little while Andy started doing really well but I never did. I'll just blame the big bump in my way. :) The weather has been really nice the last couple weeks and the days are getting longer so we've been taking walks down to the beach. As long as the sun's out, even if it's not that warm there are long lines at every cafe for ice cream. We've stood in the lines a few times to enjoy our cones.

There was an American family over here that was moving back to the states and had some baby things to sell so we snagged a few of the items for a really good deal. Our flat, although getting cluttered, is starting to look like a baby refuge. The only main thing we have left to purchase now is a stroller but we're waiting a little while because we have no idea where to put it. We'll figure something out soon. We can't wait to meet this little one.