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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Fun Times

Last Thursday Ainsley and I went to run a couple errands and at our first stop we made some new friends. Yay!! This is how it went...... When we pulled up to the shop we saw a little boy playing with his Grandpa and a woman sitting at a table nearby. Ainsley got excited when she saw the boy (Eli) and I asked how old he was. It turns out his birthday is only 5 days after Ainsley's and he'll be 2 as well. Then the woman, who is Eli's aunt (Katherine), said she recognized me from the day before when she came to Starbucks. Ainsley was having so much fun playing with Eli and his Grandpa that she stayed outside and played while I went into the shop to take care of what we had gone for. Eli and his mom and dad (Liz and Joey) live in Italy 9 months out of the year but will be buying a house here in Atlanta for the summer months so we'll get to hang out with them once they're back for good. Katherine nannies for a 3 year old girl named Chloe so we'll also get to hang out with them. In fact, later that day we actually met Katherine, Chloe, Liz and Eli at the park to play and had a great time. I am excited for Ainsley to have some playmates but I'm equally as excited to have a couple new friends myself.


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