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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


What a difference a day makes

Raincoat and cool sunglasses.
Andy and I at the Hawks/Pacers game.

Happy Birthday to Andy!

Ainsley petting a dog with our neighbour Sara.

There's that headband she loves!

Snow picture off our balcony.

2 Sundays ago we had snow and temperatures in the 20s. 2 days after that it was in the 70s and one day even hit 80 degrees! Now this weekend it has been in the low 50s and rainy. Weird weather! Here's some pictures from the past couple weeks including Andy's birthday. :)


Blogger Adam Brock said...

Dude...did we MISS your 30th birthday???!!!! We are SO sorry--happy birthday Andy. We hope it was a good one, and a great year for you (all) ahead.

Hope you didn't get wasted like I did on my 5th! ;)

Love, Adam (and his parents!)

p.s. Ainsley is getting big, and CUTE. What did you guys arrange for us anyway?? Never too early to ask...

5:11 PM  

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