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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



Here's a bunch of pictures with some of Ainsley's favourite people...... Mommy, Daddy, GG, Grandma Great, Soren, Charlie, Gran and Gramps. Daddy and Ainsley have been sick all week so you can tell in the picture of them that they're feeling a bit under the weather. :( The rest of the pictures were taken on a recent trip to Indiana. Andy was asked to speak at Anderson University's "Impact Your World Week" so Ainsley and I tagged along to support him and, of course, spend time with family since all expenses were paid. Can't beat that! We had a great time despite the terrible weather (negative wind chill and a blizzard...froze us right to the bones!) Andy did fantastic speaking and received very positive feedback from students, professors and even the President of the university. As always, I was very proud of him.


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That little girl just gets cuter every day. Enjoy!

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