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New Friends

I've been told more than once now that I'm overdue for a new blog entry. So finally I have the time to sit down and update everyone. First, let's back up to the first week of December... Ainsley and I had a play date! We went over to our new friends' house (Chris, Sarah and Reid Sanders) where Ainsley played with Reid (2), Jake(2 1/2) and Ella (21 months) as I visited with their moms. It was so nice to meet and get to know new people and for Ainsley to be around other kids. Ainsley was a bit shy at first but then made herself right at home- lounging in Reid's armchair and playing with any and every toy in sight. She shared very nicely and it was so sweet watching her smile at and want to give kisses to all of them.

After we left Ainsley was exhausted and it didn't take her long to fall asleep in the car on our way home. We got home and she continued her nap until I had to take her to the Pediatrician that afternoon. Dr. Elliot seems very nice. He checked her out and said she looks great. She's in the top 95th percentile for both her height and weight! She had to get 3 immunisations that day too. Andy has always been with Ainsley for shots as I sat in the waiting room but that day I had no choice because Andy wasn't with us. Ainsley was very tough and I only got a little bit teary. On another note, Dr. Elliot referred us to a surgeon which Ainsley will see this coming week. She will have an ultrasound of her belly button to see if it needs to be fixed. Let me explain: Ever since her umbilical cord came off her belly button has not looked normal. It has a little bubble on top of it which sometimes oozes clear puss. As far as we know it doesn't bother her but it definitely bothers us as we know this should not be happening. The doctor said he's not too worried about it but it could possibly be a problem in the future so he'd like a surgeon to look at it just in case. I'll let you know how that goes.


Blogger Caleb and Anna Fields said...

Hi, Amy, Andy, & Ainsley!

Ainsely is getting so big, is so cute and it is so much fun to see how much fun you all have together!

Hope you are all doing well in GA. I am guessing it was wonderful to spend Christmas with family again! This was our first w/o family around, and hopefully the last for some time.

I wanted you to know I am trying my hand at this blogging thing. I am not sure how long I can keep it up but it has kind of been fun so far. You can check it out at fieldsforum.blogspot.com.

Love you ,


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