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Andy, Amy and Ainsley in Atlanta

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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



At Pineapple Willy's to watch the Colts' game

What a cutie!

Playing in the sand with Daddy

In the pool with Gran

Still on the beach

Being silly with Gran and Gramps

Getting attention from Alli and Alaina

Getting more attention from the Abney family

The boys played football and although the "big boys" won by a touchdown they showed their age...lots of time outs, sore backs, etc.

Alli and Alaina cheering on the boys during their game. They taught me a cheer and I felt like I was in high school again! :)

Ainsley was in love with Austin! Here she is giving him kisses.

Ainsley with Austin and Alli, wearing the shirt they bought her. How sweet!

Every year Jack and Rebecca go to Panama City Beach, Florida for two weeks in October and this year we joined them for their second week there. October 24th we drove down and spent a week relaxing and enjoying the company of Andy's parents. There was also a couple other families down there who Jack and Rebecca have gotten to know over the years so we spent time with them too. Ainsley was the center of attention ALL week which, needless to say, she LOVED! We feel like we need to make friends here in Atlanta quickly so she can continue to have people to play with and get attention from people other than just mommy and daddy! While in Florida we realised we have a fearless daughter. She loves the pool and ocean. We think it's great but it just meant we had to keep a really close eye on her or otherwise she would have dove right in. On November 1st we drove home. On the way down and back we only stopped once, both times in Eufala, Alabama ("The Big Bass Capital of the World"). Not that there's any significance to that last piece of information, we just thought it was kind of funny. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures.


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