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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Roller coasters, swings, hot dogs and more!

Recently Ainsley has experienced a couple of new things. One is that she went on her first roller coaster ride. Down at the beach there is a little amusement park which has a few rides. We went there one day with our friends the Brocks and the Prathers. The caterpillar is for children so it goes quite slow but there are a couple dips where it speeds up a little bit. She never cried but her facial expressions showed she was very unsure about what was happening. Andy got a picture of all of us that went on it (the car in front and behind the one we're in) so I've put that on for you to see. Also, Ainsley rode on the swing for the first time. Her reaction to that was pretty much the same as the roller coaster ride. After the swing we sat down in the sand to play. She loved the sand. She kept picking it up, letting it run through her fingers, dropping it. In fact, when we took her away she fussed a little bit because she wanted to play more. Unfortunately I forgot the camera that day so we've got no pictures of that experience. The weather's been lovely lately so we've gone to the beach a couple of times for hot dogs. The international market was in town a couple of weekends ago so we also went down there with Scott and Molly and got a bratwurst. You'd think we're pork fanatics by the way I'm talking about hot dogs and brats! Oh well, they're quite tasty. Mmmm...! Anyway, Ainsley also has gotten a couple more teeth too. 8 in total now! In the picture to the left you'll see a few of those teeth right up close. Ainsley was wanting to eat the camera rather than stay still for a picture! Also, she's so funny whenever we push her in the stroller. She just lounges and puts both her feet up on top of the front tray. Takes after her daddy in that respect! You'll see in the two pictures at the top that she gets into everything (literally, the washing machine and figuratively, whatever is on shelves that she can reach). We definitely have to keep all small objects out of her reach now because everything goes in her mouth too. For example she likes to go over to the window sill and pull leaves off the plant that sits there. A few days ago we noticed her gagging on something and couldn't figure out what it was. After one throw up nothing came out then after another out came a small leaf! The plant no longer sits on the window sill she can reach.


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