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It's been a while!

This post is LONG overdue but computer time (for me) is not much these days since Andy's nearing the end of writing his thesis. So, I'll take what I can get and fill you in briefly. All is well here. I'm still working full time and, as I said, Andy is working all the time as well. Just a couple days ago we took a small break and headed down to Glasgow. It was a very expensive trip since we hired a car, got a hotel and paid for Ainsley's visa... the reason for going down there in the first place (she's been living illegally for the first 9 months of her life). None the less, it was nice to get away from Aberdeen for a couple days. Also, a few weeks ago I went out with a couple girlfriends for drinks and dancing which was so much fun. I don't think I caught up on my sleep for about a week though! Besides when I gave birth to Ainsley I don't remember the last time I was up until 4 all in one go! A week or two later Andy followed in my footsteps and stayed out until 4 with "the guys". He had a great time as well. Ainsley is now crawling faster than ever and pulling herself up onto everything and everyone all of the time. She also stands alone momentarily then slowly lowers herself to the ground. She's quite clever. I wouldn't be surprised if she started walking soon (although I can wait a bit longer for that). She holds her own sippy cup when drinking from it now. She rides in the shopping cart. She has her 6th tooth. She understands "NO" although doesn't always obey it and throws a little bit of a tantrum when she doesn't get her way. It's quite interesting. She seems to have lost her cute little laugh (not all the time though) and replaced it with a cackle. It's really funny...where do kids learn these things?! She continues to eat her little finger snacks and loves them. She has also tried a few other big girl foods too. Cheddar cheese...not a fan. Cous cous... also, not a fan. Cheesy scrambled eggs...unsure about it. French toast...likes it but finds it hard to chew. Chips (french fries)... likes them. Cooked peas...loves them (and they're fun to throw on the floor too!). She wears 9-12 month clothing now too. She's getting so big! After her bath we take her onto our bed to get dried off, dressed and to play a little bit. She loves being naked and almost immediately (before we can get a nappy or clothes on her) crawls to the end of the bed, pulls up on the bars and starts walking from one side to the other (see pictures above). She is so much fun!Anyway, of course I've attached several pictures of Ainsley for all to see. Hope you enjoy.


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