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Happy Birthday Andy!

Last Sunday, the 9th, was Andy's 35th birthday so we planned to celebrate over lunch with some friends. Where else but our old faithful, Pizza Hut at the beach? Unfortunately I missed the whole lunch due to work. I haven't worked on a Sunday in about 6 years but was asked if I could come and help out for about an hour. I agreed but what we thought would take 1 hour actually took 5! I was so disappointed to have missed out celebrating Andy's birthday. He assured me it was fine though and he had a great time hanging out with a few friends. The important thing is that he enjoyed himself (I still felt bad though). He also received a few cards and phone calls from friends and family, along with a couple nice gifts. In the morning Ainsley and I gave him the cards we got him. It was really cute, Ainsley had her card in her hand and handed it right to Andy. Of course when he went to grab it then she wanted to keep it to play with (apparently envelopes taste good) but oh well! Andy's gift from us was a gift certificate to get a massage. We thought he deserved it since he is such good daddy and works so hard! The picture above is of him with Ainsley in her "I love Daddy" onesie, fit for the occasion.


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