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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



After our short trip to Washington we continued on to San Francisco, on November 12th, to visit my parents. Dad picked us up at the airport and got to see Ainsley for the first time in person. We drove towards Mom and Dad's place but stopped for lunch at In 'N' Out Burgers (yummy!) then surprised Mom as she was getting off work. The weather was beautiful while we were in California and my parents live in a great area where you can walk to stores and through parks, etc. so pretty much every day we went for a walk somewhere. While we were there we also worked out at my parent's gym, enjoyed seafood for dinner quite often, drove to San Diego for a weekend (where we got to see our good friends Jon and Amy McLaughlin and Maigen Rowe and also go on board the USS Midway), got family pictures taken, went up to Ukiah for Thanksgiving with Uncle Jack, Aunt Maureen and some more extended family, stopped at a winery, drove into the city to hang out twice, got stuck in an elevator, drank coffee at Peet's Coffee just below my parent's apartment and more. My mom and I got pedicures and manicures too (since that day I've stopped biting my nails...yay!) It was very relaxing and Ainsley had a couple of her "firsts" while we were there. She also had pretty much undivided attention from Grandpa Bahrt. She spent a lot of the time being held, bounced or played with by him. I think they were both in heaven. You'll see how content she was in the bottom picture. Unfortunately Mom had to work most of the time but when she could she played with Ainsley too. It was fun all around! Now, back to the "firsts". Ainsley rolled over for the first time the weekend we went to San Diego. Oh, what a proud Mommy I was! Andy didn't see it but she then did it for him the next day so he was excited too. When we were in Seattle my friend Meghan and I heard Ainsley giggle a little bit but it was so slight that I wasn't sure if that's really what was happening so I didn't count it as her first giggle. But, when we were at my Aunt and Uncle's for Thanksgiving we were all playing the Wii. It was my turn and I was playing tennis when I heard a noise from Ainsley (Andy was holding her facing out so she could watch along with everyone else). I looked back to see and hear that she was laughing like crazy which of course made everyone laugh and then she just kept on laughing. It was sooo... cute! So that was definitely her first giggle. So much fun!!


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