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Happy Birthday to Me

Sunday was my birthday. It was spent with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Andy and I were both really tired so after going on a long walk and eating lunch out we came home and rested a bit. I tried to nap but couldn't get to sleep. Instead I talked on the phone to family which was great because I was feeling a bit homesick that day. Although we have a great support group of friends over here it's still nice to be with family on special days. Speaking of... only a few weeks until we come home to visit. Yay! Anyway, my 27th year of life was spent pregnant and as a new parent which I loved and continue to love even into the beginning of year 28. I'm sure this year will bring many more new joys as we watch Ainsley grow every day! The day before my birthday we met up with a few friends at Pizza Hut to celebrate so I've added a couple pictures from that day. Ainsley was getting some kisses from Caleb in one of them. He loves her. It's so cute, every time he sees her he says, "Baby" while pointing and wanting to touch or kiss her. He is an older man (1 year and 8 months old) but I'm pretty sure we don't have anything to worry about yet! ;) Later on Saturday night Daddy was teaching Ainsley how to change the channels so of course I snapped a shot. :)


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