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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


30 pounds later

Oh my gosh! Less than 3 weeks to go until baby Odle joins us. Boy or girl? That is the question. I've dreamt several times that it's a boy, as has Andy and I've been convinced this whole pregnancy that we're having a little man. But now as it gets closer I have no idea and I'm so curious to find out! Either Isaiah or Elizabeth will become part of our family sooner than later and we will most definitely keep you posted. As of last Thursday I'd gained 29 pounds and I can sure feel it in my joints, muscles, bones, etc. Overall I still feel great and am so thankful that this pregnancy has been a breeze. But of course I'm now not sleeping well at night and get a sore back, legs, etc. quite easily. However, as of last Wednesday I am officially on maternity leave so it's nice to have the ability to rest and put my feet up whenever I please. I do have a list of things I'm trying to get done in the next couple weeks too so I'm definitely keeping busy. If only I could always not work and get paid for it! That would be great! Also, since I last wrote about the pregnancy we've attended a couple of prenatal classes at the hospital which have been very informative and helpful. We've got 3 more to go to in the next week and a half or so. We've also been "showered" with more gifts for the baby. We feel so blessed by people over here. It has been very comforting considering we're so far away from family. I think that's about it for the updates at the moment. You may or may not hear from us before the baby arrives. Since my mom and Andy's parents will be here when the baby's due there will be plenty of people to pass on the information about how things go in hospital. The picture attached was taken yesterday. That's how I look with a bump that's 37 weeks along...big! :)


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You look beautiful, and your bump looks like a boy to me! I can't wait either, but I'm thankful to be all done with that phase of my life. Take care. We love you!

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