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34 already?!?!

As most of you know, Friday, March 9th was Andy's birthday. I had the day off so I got up and made him pancakes and coffee. He opened his cards that he got in the mail and then opened up the gifts I got for him. The first was a Hip Hop Classics 3-cd collection and the second was a onesie for the baby that says "I Love Daddy". Later in the day we went for a walk to the beach, had lunch at one of our favorite cafes, did a little shopping (which included getting new pillows, some cake mix and ice cream) and headed home. My sciatic nerve has been pinching very badly so by the time we got home I realized I'd overdone it with all the walking. I sat on the couch with a heating pad for awhile then attempted to bake a cake. I was hurting so bad I had to sit down again but I didn't want Andy to have to make his own birthday cake. So, it was a team effort. He brought all the ingredients to me on the couch and I mixed it there. He then stuck it in the oven and we waited. We make a great pair if I do say so myself! Meanwhile we ate dinner which I had thankfully prepared the night before. Once the cake was ready, had cooled and been iced we ate it while watching our weekly dose of American Idol. The next day we met up with some friends at Pizza Hut at the beach for some birthday lunch. After that we went to a pub that overlooks the water to hang out some more. Andy opened his cards from our friends, one of which had a gift certificate in it to buy some new DVDs. So, after that Andy and Scott walked down to the store to pick out his new DVDs while Molly and I came home and made dinner. After dinner Scott and Molly left and Andy and I watched one of his new movies. It was a great weekend. Happy Birthday to Andy!


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