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Panama City Beach

On October 26th we flew to Atlanta. My parents arrived there a couple of hours before us so we were greeted by them. We got straight into a car and started driving south to Florida where Andy's parents were eagerly awaiting our arrival. We spent a week just laying in the sun, spending quality time with our family, walking on the beach, watching American television and eating seafood almost every night. At our last dinner there Andy got a piece of chocolate cake for dessert that was HUGE. The picture of him with it doesn't even do it justice but at least you get the idea. One night we went to the dog races. My mom bet on the races every time and Andy's dad and I bet on some of the races. The sweetest victory was when I bet on Zam Bumblebee to win (Andy had said that's who he was rooting for so I secretly bet and thought it would be so fun if that dog actually won) and it did! We were really excited. We drove back to Atlanta a day before our flight so we could see some friends there. Becca, Mark and Kurt all came out and met us for dinner. Mark actually spent the night at the same hotel as us and he and Andy went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We went to see Troy, Shelli and their kids the morning of our flight and then had lunch at the Rib Ranch (some good 'ol Texas barbeque). Before we went to the airport we drove downtown to see some developments that have happened since we were last there. It was great to be back in Atlanta and to see some friends even if just for a short while. We had the best vacation we could have asked for. We even got to watch our Colts win a football game. Of course it went by way too fast but we were thankful to go at all.


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