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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Divinity Ball and Ceilidh

I forgot to mention that in between Andy's birthday and the time that we went home in April we attended the Divinity Ball. Every year the different schools at the University have a formal ball. You buy tickets because dinner and drinks are a part of the night. So, we dressed up and went with our friends Michael and Julia and Brian and Stephanie to the ball. After dinner some of the students give speeches which are quite creative and funny then there's a Ceilidh (pronounced Kayley) band that comes and sets up to start playing. A Ceilidh is a traditional Scottish folk dance and it is so much fun! We didn't get any action pictures but we did get a couple taken with our friends. During the middle of the night you can see that I took off my heels and danced the night away barefoot. We loved it.


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