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Found a church

Once we'd been here a couple of weeks we decided to start looking for a church to attend. It took us a few months and about 20 different churches before we found what we consider to be our church home now. We felt very welcomed at all the churches we attended and even still get together from time to time with a couple people from one church that we went to a few times. In fact, we spent Thanksgiving with one American family from the church around the corner from where we live and Christmas with a Scottish family from the same church. Although we missed our families during those holidays it was nice to be invited somewhere to spend time with people. The church we go to now is the Anglican Cathedral (Scottish Episcopal Church). Andy's Ph.D. advisor and his wife and kids go there which is nice because we look forward to seeing them every Sunday. Lately we've been going to lunch or to the beach with them afterwards so that's been fun. Especially because I love their kids and can't get enough hugs and kisses from them. Andy has gotten to know the Provost (Priest) at the Cathedral pretty well and will actually be starting to preach every once in a while. His first time preaching will be September 17th so we're excited about that. For any of you who have heard Andy preach before, you know how passionate he is and how excited he can get during his sermons. Well, this is a much more subdued setting, if you know what I mean, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how he adapts when it comes to the delivery of his sermon. I'm sure he'll be great like always but I'll let you know how it goes. He is also working on starting a street ministry here through the church. So far he's done research on some churches and organizations in Aberdeen that deal with the homeless population, talked with our church about some possibilities, met some of the guys on the street and met with a woman in town who wrote a book about homelessness in Aberdeen. All to get a better feel for how things in the UK are similar or different to homelessness in the US. So he's well on his way to getting a ministry started. A little bit at a time I guess. The picture above is of the Cathedral we go to.


Anonymous Shelli Cossel said...

Hi Andy and Amy, I wish I could have been there on the 17th to hear you preach Andy. How did it go? I miss you and think of you often. Wish you could see our kids. They are loving and affectionate, and Lexi still giggles when she says Mr. Odle ;)
Love from Georgia. Shelli

11:33 AM  

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