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From the beginning...

October 1st, 2005 we stepped off the train in Aberdeen Scotland and rolled our suitcases on down the cobblestones to 65 Roslin Place where we were meeting Ivan the landlord. When we finally got there he let us into what we thought was going to be our flat for possibly the next 3 years. Then we did one turn around in the place and were glad that we hadn't actually signed a lease yet. "Sorry Ivan but it's just not what we expected and we'll be finding a new place to live..." are the words Andy told him over the phone when I made him call to break the news to the sweet man. That was just the beginning of our journey here.

Everyday for 2 weeks we looked for a new flat which was proving to be very difficult until we finally found a solicitor (that's what they call real estate agents over here) that had a flat we loved and was actually helpful. You see, customer service isn't always a strong point over here so we were very happy to find someone who wanted to help us. We needed all the help we could get too! Since we didn't have a bank account we couldn't get an address but we couldn't get a bank account without an address so it was a vicious cycle. Finally it worked out to get a flat because the landlord was willing to waive our credit check (they couldn't do a credit check on us since we had just moved here so the only way we could get a place to live was if they waived it for us). Never mind that we had to pay 6 months rent up front so that they would trust us! So, after we moved in Andy tried to set up our phone service (from the pay phone booth out on the street) and they said the next appointment was in 2 months. So, that pay phone and the one in the local grocery store became known as our offices until just before Christmas when we could finally make a call in the comfort and warmth of our own home. The story goes on and on but you probably get the picture by now. Everything seems to take longer in Scotland. Here are a few pictures of where we live now. We love it! Note there's no dishwasher in the kitchen(that's Andy these days) but a washing machine instead. Yes, that is a normal kitchen appliance over here.

After getting our flat settled Andy was ready to begin researching and writing for his Ph.D in Practical Theology and Ethics at the University of Aberdeen. He began by meeting with his supervisor, Dr. Brian Brock, to develop a plan and test some ideas. He then began the task of reading, reading and reading. Andy knew it would be tough but the amount of work, thinking and knowledge to be gained can sometimes seem overwhelming. He has now found a routine and the work is flowing smoothly . . . usually. Some of the greatest parts about studying at Aberdeen are the aesthetics and sense of history. It's not everyday (although it is now) that you get to study at an ancient university - 1495!

Of course while Andy is here studying I've got to do something and what's better to do than pay the bills! Thankfully I was able to transfer from the Starbucks I was working at in Indiana to a Starbucks here in Aberdeen. There are only two stores in town so I started out working as a supervisor at the one in St. Nicholas Centre shopping mall which is about a 12 minute walk. I worked there for about 9 months and recently moved to the store on Union Street (which is a stand alone store) because I became their new Assistant Manager. It takes me about 10 minutes longer to walk to work but that's okay. I'm really enjoying my new store. It's bigger and just got refurbished so it's really nice as well.


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