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St. Andrews, Scotland

During the month of December we had use of our friends Michael and Julia's car. They were away in the states and put me on their insurance so I could drive. One day we decided to drive down to St. Andrews which is about an hour and a half south of here. In case you don't know already, St. Andrews is the home of golf. So, we had to go see the Old Course where golf was invented and where Jack Nicklaus bid farewell to the British Open just a few months prior (the bridge in the picture is the one he was standing on when he waved to everyone...it's leading to the green on the 18th hole). Not to mention all the other sites in that town. We walked along the Old Course then up the road to the ruins of St. Andrew's castle (below) then along the cliffs to St. Andrew's Cathedral. After that we ventured through town to get some coffee at Starbucks then over to St. Andrew's University which is where Prince William went to college. That town is beautiful and it's got a bit of a village feel which we loved.


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