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Home Sweet Home

On April 6th we flew back to Indiana to visit family and friends. The first weekend we were there was our friends Jon and Amy McLaughlin's wedding. Andy helped perform part of the ceremony so we got to be at the rehearsal, dinner and of course the day of the wedding. It was great to be with such good friends but boy were we jet lagged! When we got back to Jack and Rebecca's (that's Andy's dad and stepmom) after the wedding we were quick to go to sleep. In total we were in Indiana for about 12 days which went by way too fast but was great fun because we got to spend every moment with friends and family. From Indy we flew to Seattle and were there about 5 days. We managed to drive up to Bellingham, down to see my Grandpa, back to Seattle then back north to my Aunt Nancy and Uncle John's for a family get together. My mom and dad were able to fly out from California to see us while we were there so it was a fun time. Those 5 days were busy and flew by way too fast as well. We miss our friends and family back home so we look forward to the next time we get to visit.


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