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Moray Coast

Our friends Andy (the Scotsman) and Abbi (the Englishwoman) thought they'd take us on a little day trip up north along the Moray coast and show us a bit of Scotland. We started off by stopping at a coffee shop for coffee and scones then heading on up once our bellies were full. The Moray coast is the farthest north you can go in Scotland along the east half of the country. The coast is lined with small fishing village after small fishing village. Some of the beaches are still lined with the anti-tank blockades and gun nests from World War II (Above). We stopped in a few of the villages to take in the views and quaint village culture. There's nothing quite like sitting on the coast of one of these villages and enjoying the sights of the North Sea. As evening came upon us we decided it was time for dinner. And what else could top off the day other than dropping into a "chippy" for some fish and chips to "take away" to the beach. It was another great day seeing and learning about this country we call home for this time in our lives.


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