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Happy Birthday Amy

My birthday was Saturday, October 7th so Andy organized a little birthday party. We met up with some friends at "Frankie and Benny's" for lunch. The barbeque chicken pizza there is my favourite. It was Don, Marieke, Patrick and Betsy (the Woods), Rich, Lorie, Nathanael and Autumn (the Cornells), Brian, Stephanie, Adam and Caleb (the Brocks), Scott and Molly and, of course, us. I was given cards, flowers, cds and chocolate galore! Needless to say, I felt very loved by everyone. After lunch we went bowling (except for the Wood family who had a previous engagement) which was so much fun. None of us had been bowling in ages. I ended up winning with a score of 121 (which tells you how great we all were if I beat everyone with that score!!) After bowling most people went home except Scott and Molly and Andy and I ended up at the Sanddollar Cafe on the beach (our favourite cafe here) for some hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Mmmm... yummy. The fun didnt' stop there for us. Scott and Molly came over to our flat for dinner (Chinese take-away) and to watch the X Factor...we love that show (basically the British version of American Idol). After a fun-filled day I was tired but not complaining. I loved it. We brought the camera but kept forgetting to take pictures all day so there's only one picture to attach and it's of the group of us after we finished bowling (unfortunately without the Woods). Hopefully you can get a good look at everyone (click on it, it gets bigger).


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