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Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving we invited three couples over to feast with us. Kyle and Kelli, Scott and Molly, Andy and Abbi. Let me just start off by saying that I now have a much greater appreciation for all those years of my mom and other people preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I had no idea how much work it is! I started preparing food Wednesday night and then woke up at 8:30am on Thursday to continue. Seeing as how we didn't eat until around 6pm you can see that I was busy all day. The night before I prepared a brine for the turkey to soak in. Andy did most of the handling of the turkey because I was having a hard time with that. It was definitely a team effort. The morning of Thanksgiving I got up and made stuffing, sweet potato balls (the family recipe), pumpkin cookies and deviled eggs. After 18 hours of marinating the turkey it was time to throw it in the oven. I was nervous because this was my first turkey. After an hour and 45 minutes it was done. Kelli brought over pumpkin pie and made mashed potatoes at our flat. Molly brought over salad fixings and black olives (enough for each of my fingers... a tribute to Grandma Bahrt). Andy carved the turkey and once we took pictures of the table full of food (to prove that it was a success) then we all dug in. Of course we stuffed ourself too much but that's what Thanksgiving's for! Our friend Andy had pumpkin pie for the first time and everyone loved the sweet potato balls. It was a great day.


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