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We have friends!

On December 18th our friends Troy and Katrina flew over from Indiana to spend 2 weeks with us. We had so much fun. Unfortunately I still had to work while they were here so I couldn't do everything with them but Andy was able to show them all around Aberdeen (he's a really good tour guide...full of facts about the city, etc.). We went down to Edinburgh for a couple nights and went to the castle, down the royal mile, walked around the city, ate at the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch (of course, what better place to eat when you're in Scotland?), played cards and ate digestive biscuits galore. I had to catch a train back up to Aberdeen for work but Andy, Troy and Trina continued on to see St. Andrews and Stirling on their way back up to the good old "Granite City". We were so excited to have Troy and Trina here to celebrate Christmas with us. Last year we really missed being with family for the holidays but they are like family so this year was different. On Christmas Eve we went for Christmas dinner at Andy and Abbi's, drank some mulled wine (well, they all did....the baby and I drank water), played some crazy uno and phase 10 then went to the midnight service at our church. On Christmas day we went to church then came home and made some chili (isn't that what everyone eats on Christmas day?). We opened a couple gifts, popped our crackers (a tradition over here...each cracker comes with a paper crown which you're supposed to wear throughout your meal, a joke and a toy) then ate our chili. The rest of the day we watched 3 movies while snacking, napping and enjoying each other's company. We loved it. A few days later, on Dec. 31, we all flew back to the states. Troy and Trina went back to Indiana and we flew to Seattle.


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