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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



As it were, Ainsley's first flight down to London was just a test case for the upcoming flights she would have to endure as we travelled to the States not even a week later, on November 6th. First stop Seattle (via London and Chicago). Once again, Ainsley was amazing on every flight. Thank you God! We finally arrived to my cousin Michelle's house, after travelling for about 24 hours, with no luggage because the airline lost it. They didn't just misplace it either, they actually had no record of it at all! So, through giving them our flight numbers and thorough descriptions of everything, including what was in each bag, we finally received the luggage 24 hours later. It could have been much worse. Thankfully we were with family so we could borrow clothes and wash the clothes we had travelled in to re-wear. Of course our first lunch in America was at Taco Bell. Maybe that's not an obvious choice to all of you but we thought it sounded pretty darn good because we don't have that over here. Anyway, our visit to Seattle came and went as we drove all over the place visiting friends and family. We went down South to Chehalis to see my brother's family, up North to Bellingham to see some good friends, to see my Grandpa on the way back down from Bellingham, to Seattle to have dinner with some more good friends and then all the family came to see us at Michelle's house as well. 6 days there was not enough but we really enjoyed it. It was so fun for everyone to meet Ainsley too. As you can imagine, she was passed around quite a bit which tuckered her out but she still did great!


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