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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


What it's like

<---Before the meal, just lounging in the high chair.

After the meal, you can barely tell which one's Ainsley
and which one's
the high chair! --->

<---Typical, she's always getting distracted by her hands these days.
She's starting to sit up on her own and, as you can see here (getting ready for bath time), she's quite pleased with herself. She sits for a while before she falls over too so she's doing really well. --->

<--- We saw the health visitor and she said
now that Ainsley has teeth we need to start brushing them straight away. So here's our big girl getting used to the toothbrush.
Ainsley loves to think she's feeding herself so we usually have two spoons at every meal, one for eating and one for holding. Yogurt is her favourite food, strawberry, raspberry and apricot, but she loves every food she's tried. She's a great eater. ----->
We couldn't be more blessed, although she has her moments, Ainsley is the happiest, most laid back baby and very independent too. Also, I'm happy to announce that she is sleeping through the night! It took us letting her "cry it out" in the middle of the night one night (that was terrible, we felt like the worst parents in the entire world because the crying lasted for 55 minutes and all we wanted to do was pick her up) but, none the less, she does it! The average is 10-11 hours but we've had a 12 and a 13 hour night as well. So, all is well in the Odle household. I'll write more soon.


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