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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



Nearly 3 weeks went by and we were off to Indiana, on November 29th. The first week was not that exciting because Ainsley was sick (first doctor's visit, with a chest infection, had to take antibiotics...boo) and we didn't have a car to use. So, we stayed in the house and did nothing but watch tv, take naps and do laundry. The rest of the time was great though. We loved spending time with Andy's family and some great friends, who we miss so much. Our friends Todd and Theresa had a bunch of baby toys that they lent us while we were there which was a huge help. Ainsley got use out of every one of them every day. Grandpa and Gran Odle loved having the baby girl around and of course she loved them too. She also loved all her Aunts and Uncles and cousins. She is such a happy baby, we couldn't be more thankful. Ainsley also had a few more "firsts" while we were there. I already mentioned the first doctor's visit, her hair started laying flat, she ate rice cereal and bananas, we left her with babysitters so we could go to lunch and a movie (okay, it was the grandparents but it was still a little bit hard for me to do...I managed though and we had a nice time at the movie), she discovered her feet, she watched her first Colts game, she had her first Christmas, saw her first snow, experienced negative temperature windchill for the first time, opened her "first" present and she got her first two teeth (the bottom two)! I'm probably even forgetting something, there was so much that happened in the last 5 weeks. She's changing every day and we're still loving every minute of it. Another thing that was so much fun was spending time with some of our best friends Jeff and Sarah and Troy and Katrina. Jeff and Sarah just had their baby girl, Soren, on November 16th. It was crazy to think the last time we were together neither of us had babies and now we both do! We also had fun playing Dance Dance Revolution with Troy and Katrina, playing games with Tabby and all the girls that rent our house, hanging out with Uncle Jon and Aunt Amy (Ainsley actually calls all these people I've mentioned Aunts and Uncles...she's got lots of them!), hanging out with Travis and Brooke, Todd and Theresa, Andrea and Nick, Uncle Brian, Aunt Becca, Grandma Martha and Grandpa Lee, bringing in the New Year with Grammy and Grampy Mac, etc., etc., etc. I could list every single person we saw but you're probably already getting bored with the amount on here as it is so I'll spare you. Needless to say, we had a brilliant time in Indiana!


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