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My 29th birthday...at the zoo

We spent a few hours today at the zoo. It was so much fun. They even named a theater there after me in honor of my birthday (wink, wink). Ainsley liked the animals but was usually more interested in the other children standing around her. We went into the petting zoo so Ainsley could pet the goats and brush their hair. It took her a couple minutes to warm up but she did finally walk over to the goats and pet them. At one point we were walking to a new group of goats, Ainsley still had the goat hairbrush in hand and as I looked at her I noticed she had started brushing her own hair with it! Yuck! As my immediate reaction was to say, "No!", she was quick to turn to me with her hand holding the brush in the air toward me with a look, as if to say, "what have I done wrong mommy?" It was so cute I couldn't help but smile and bend down to give her a kiss. Speaking of kisses...Ainsley loves kissing everything and everyone! So of course every time we saw an animal she would point, bend forward and make the kissing noise. Since she wasn't able to actually kiss any of the animals we had to be the substitutes. Thankfully she didn't mind at all because I LOVE getting kisses. Anyway, the rest of the day was nice too. It was just spent, as I wanted, with the two people I love most. I got tons of birthday phone calls, messages, emails and wishes and felt very special. To top it all off we got Chinese food with the birthday money my grandma sent me (Thanks Grandma!) and watched the Presidential debate. Now here I am telling you all about it. So until next year (the big 3-0!)...... Love you.


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