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Uncle Li Li Comes to America

Liam came to visit us! We had so much fun showing him around the city and just hanging out like the good 'ol times. ;) It only took Ainsley about 2 minutes at the airport until she was holding Liam's hand and wanting him to sit in the back seat with her and be everywhere she was all the time. Needless to say, Ainsley loved having him here. Of course we did too. :) Besides, he looked so cute carrying her little pink backpack everywhere! Liam went to his first baseball game. Until then it was only what he'd seen in the movies so I think he had a good time. He even ate a huge hot dog (of course a must at the ballpark). We went to the CNN center, Martin Luther King, Jr. center, Emory University, took a horse and carriage ride through the city, ate at The Varsity, etc. There was a slight change in normalcy when Andy ended up in the hospital one of the nights Liam was here. Liam ended up playing babysitter for a day while Andy was still there and I had to work. I'm sure that was not quite his idea of a vacation but it was very much appreciated and, of course, Ainsley had a blast with him when they went to play at the park and eat lunch together. On the Andy note...... the story is: he woke up in the middle of the night with pain and pressure in his chest and wasn't sure if he was having a heart attack or what was happening. Eventually, after a long while he was able to get back to sleep and it wasn't until the next afternoon when I got off work that I knew about it. Around 4:3o pm we were off to the emergency room because he still had some chest pain. After an EKG, chest x-ray, urine sample, blood draw and 5 hours in the ER they decided to keep him overnight for constant observation. He was hooked up to a monitor and had an IV which, in the end, gave him 3 liters of fluids when all was said and done. Then, the next morning he had to take the PET test where they pumped radioactive material into his blood stream, took some MRI's and then waited for a reaction. Once he had a reaction they took more MRI's then gave him some kind of antedote to return him back to "normal". He then spent a few hours waiting for results and was released. So what happened was he did not have a heart attack. Thank God! He did have an increased level of creatine in his body which normally flushes itself out of your body if you are drinking enough fluids but is a toxin if not flushed from your body. Well, he was extremely dehydrated causing this toxin to effect his body in the way that I described above. While having all these tests done they noticed that his cholesterol was too high as well. Although all the test results seemed to not be cardiac related he needs to watch his diet and drink plenty of water in order to regulate the cholesterol which over time could build up plaque in the arteries and cause a heart attack. So, the bad thing is that Andy had to go through all of this but the good thing is that we found out some things we wouldn't have known otherwise. It has caused us to be much more healthy already so it turned out to be, although a scary and expensive experience, a good one. Thank you so much to Liam for all of his help with Ainsley during the fiasco! We were sad to see Liam go. Now when we see airplanes Ainsley says, "Lum airplane bye bye?", "where Lum go?".


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it looks like it was a great visit. i'm jealous. =D

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