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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...


Gig and Bapes

We had a lovely visit from Jack and Rebecca (aka: Gran and Gramps, aka: Gig and Bapes) at the beginning of the month. Our time together was spent playing in the pool, going for walks and out to eat, going shopping, to the aquarium, Stone Mountain and Coke museum and just playing in the apartment. Rebecca and I even got away one day to get pedicures. She knows how I LOVE that!! Also, Andy and I went on a date. It was so much fun (and great to get out)! Besides, I think Gig and Bapes really enjoyed staying with Ainsley and doing the whole nighttime routine with her. Boy, would it be nice to live near family......

Since I mentioned our date, I must mention that it was in celebration of 6 years of marriage! My how time flies! We've done a lot in 6 years...... lived in Indiana together, then Georgia, then back in Indiana, Andy completed his Master's degree, we moved to Scotland, travelled all over Britain and some of Europe, travelled to Florida, Washington, California and Hawaii, had a baby, Andy completed his Ph.D., we moved to (and now live in) Georgia, travelled back to Washington and Indiana a few times, etc. We've celebrated joyous moments with each other, family and friends and we've also suffered great heartache in losing those dear to us. Through it all Andy has been an amazing partner, supporter, friend and husband. My hope is that I have been and can continue to be the same for him (except insert wife at the end...haha). I am so thankful for the last 6 years and look forward to MANY more to come.


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