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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



Two weeks ago we went for a little weekend trip to Durham, North Carolina to visit our dear friends, the Brocks. We had a great time. Ainsley loved playing with Adam and Caleb, Andy loved having intelligent, theological conversations with Brian, I loved being with friends. Stephanie (and Brian too, of course) has taken to the southern culture very well in terms of hospitality. They were great hosts. We went to the river to play, drank coffee from Joe VanGoghs coffee shop, sipped on some nice scotch (some more than others), went to hear some local music, played at the playground, ate popsicles from Loco Pops, toured Duke University's campus and, possibly the highlight of the trip for Andy was meeting Stanley Hauerwaus (a world renowned theologian...see picture of Andy and the man you probably don't recognize). One of the nights I gave Caleb and Ainsley a bath and Caleb said (pointing to Ainsley), "She has the wrong body. " I said, " Well, it's not wrong, it's just different. Boys and girls have private parts that don't look the same." He responded, "It just looks like the wrong body." He may not quite understand yet what I was saying but it was so cute! Anyway, it was so great to see all of them. We loved being with friends. Thanks for everything Brian and Steph! We miss you.


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