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Long Overdue Update

So once again I've been neglectful of this blog. Where does the time go? Three months have passed and we've been very busy (of course, how can you NOT be busy with a 2 1/2 year old?). Last time I left a post was before Thanksgiving so let me update you from that point on...
My parents were supposed to come visit for Thanksgiving but the day before they were to get on the plane my dad had a heart attack. For obvious reasons they could no longer make it out our way. We were disappointed but are extremely thankful that he survived and now seems to be doing well. So, despite having bought all of the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner we decided to make a last minute drive up to Indiana to be with Andy's family instead. Then 3 weeks later we turned around and drove right back up there to spend Christmas with them as well. Both were great trips but we were glad to be done driving for awhile once we got back to Atlanta just before the new year. Since we've been back the time has been filled with work, doctor's appointments, potty training, building houses (some would call them forts), going to the zoo and children's museum, swimming at a couple different hotel pools, cooking, cleaning, talking on skype, playing in Ainsley's awesome kitchen she got for Christmas, teaching abc's and counting, giving and getting lots of hugs and kisses, trying to come up with a name for the new baby (we found out it's another girl!!) and just being plain silly.
AINSLEY: She continues to grow like a weed and she makes us laugh constantly. She has her little routine in the morning where she likes to watch "Monkey George", Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid or whatever PBS cartoon is on when she wakes up. She speaks in full sentences now and although still sometimes a little bit difficult to decipher everything she's saying it is so awesome to be able to have a conversation with her. She is very artistic (by way of drawing, photography, singing and dancing) and has a great imagination. She loves to help me bake and cook leaving a nice little mess when we're finished. She has the sweetest little laugh and I love almost nothing more than hearing her and daddy play and giggle together every night. She always wants to call Gaga and Papa and Gig and Bapes on skype (LOVES her grandparents!). She is so caring, sensitive, nurturing, etc. She's always making sure mommy, daddy and baby are all okay. If I say that I'm sore or in pain she says, "oh, I know mommy, heating pad make you feel better". If she bumps into Andy's head or something when they're playing she says, " oh sorry daddy, band aid?". She often waves, says hello and gives hugs and kisses to my belly saying, "hi baby". We've definitely got a big sweetie in the family. Ainsley is almost completely potty trained! For exactly one month now she's been in big girl panties all day right up until bed time and stays dry while we're out in public and through her naps. It's only night time now that we're working on. She's determined to do it too. She always says, "big girl panties tonight, wake up dry?". We're hoping by the time that her baby sister comes she'll have conquered that too but either way she's doing a great job!
BABY GIRL: This pregnancy has been 100% different and much more difficult than when I was pregnant with Ainsley. So naturally we thought it must be a boy but on December 15th we went to our ultrasound appointment and were amazed to find out we'd be welcoming another little girl into the family around April 25th. We have yet to name her but time is fast approaching so hopefully soon we'll have it figured out. I'm about 30 weeks now and often in pain from my sciatic nerve pinching, my back hurting and leg cramps in my calves and shins. I'm also not sleeping well at night and am tired during the day. But all the negative is fairly quickly removed when I feel her kick or hear her heartbeat. What an amazing gift this is!! I'm not quite ready for her to join us yet but I am ready to not be pregnant and I am ready to meet her and see what she looks like. April will be here soon. Of course we'll keep you posted.
ANDY: He recently got an office so moved all of the bookshelves and books out of our bedroom
over there. Our room seems huge now! Also, he started "Saturdays on the Streets" which is a consistent outreach every Saturday for churches, individuals and people from the local community to come volunteer and serve with Church on the Street. It's been going well but unfortunately the weather has not cooperated and been freezing and/or rainy every Saturday since it's started.

Recently we've had a couple visits from Andy's parents on their way to and from Florida for vacation. That has been great. We always enjoy the company and look forward to the excitement Ainsley has when she sees Gig and Bapes. One of the visits was just a couple days ago when they were on their way back down to Florida to go to the Super Bowl. Tomorrow we will watch to root on our Indianapolis Colts and look for them in the stands of course. Go Blue!! In about a week and a half my parents are coming to visit so we're also looking forward to that. Ainsley is also very excited about Gaga and Papa coming and can't wait to show them her kitchen, take them out to eat, wake them up in the mornings and play all day with them. I think we might make a Thanksgiving dinner while they're here to make up for the one we missed in November too. On another note, my brother was in a snowboarding accident last week and is in bad condition. He'll have a total of 3 surgeries, one of which was yesterday to repair his knee at the bottom of his left femur and another of which will probably be next week to repair his right heel. Then once the one from yesterday is healed they'll go in and do the third surgery on his torn left acl. He's doing all right but is bed/wheel chair ridden for about 6-8 weeks and will probably have about a year's worth of rehab and recovery. Ugh! It's tough to be far away when these kind of things happen. I wish I could be there to help in some way. Speaking of being far away, Andy's Grandma was put into a dementia care community and it's also been difficult not being in Indiana to help out with the details of that and to be there for his Grandpa. So, life has thrown at us some tough situations to take in but overall we're doing great and are very thankful.


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