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We love our little girl and now have another one coming soon! Stay tuned...



Ainsley took this picture of "Cha Cha" when he was visiting her kitchen.

On top of Stone Mountain.

We have said goodbye to a few close friends in the last few months. Sara "Chucha", our neighbor, moved to Chicago in November and we were SO sad to see her go. Then in December Charlie moved away. Although we were glad to see him go because that meant he was going to get some help to get off the streets. Also, just last week Ainsley's best buddy Jasper (and his mom Jana and baby sister Scarlett) moved to Washington. We already miss them but will see them in June when we go there to visit. These pictures are just a few we took of our friends (plus a few that Ainsley took on her own-you should be able to figure out which ones those are).


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